Farkhad Khalilov’s exhibition in London

Mr. F.Khalilov one of the most popular Azerbaijani artists in Europe is particularly known for his unique mix of colours and style of painting.

This art show which was arranged by the eminent facilitator of contemporary arts, Mr. Paolo Colombo, exhibited Mr. F.Khalilov�s paintings notable for their specific stylistics expressed in the highest concentration of all human feelings of the artist. Being in the everlasting search of inner world, the artist is surprising us by the wide spectrum of his feelings ranging from austere restraint to emotional revelations that illuminate moments of life and grant us a true joy.

In his paintings which reflect �mature fruits� of the knowledge, Mr. F.Khalilov appeals to the human experience and meditates on the meaning of life and the fate of civilizations which emerge and recede into oblivion where the infinity dominates.

This is another opportunity for the European artistic community to delight in paintings of our great compatriot, after his first one-man exhibition in London in 2011 which was also arranged thanks to the support of �Aznar�.

Nowadays, the art lovers of the English capital together with the representatives of the UK establishment and Azerbaijanis residing and working in London gathered in the famous Saatchi London gallery to see Mr. F.Khalilov�s expressionistic creative works which were shown here over almost two weeks from 11 to 23 March. Unfortunately, the owner of �Aznar�, Mr. F.Akhmedov could not attend the opening ceremony, but he was honourably represented by his two sons Teymur and Edgar who did a great job for delivery of this wonderful exhibition. According to them, they were happy to contribute to the promotion of Azerbaijani fine art abroad, and fully supported the efforts of their father in this matter.

We are confident that the current exhibition which was arranged with the support of �Aznar� company, will give a new impetus for the promotion of Azerbaijani art around the world. The first step has been undertaken and the experts of the largest international auction Sotheby’s have already offered to put up the artist’s work for sale at the June and November auctions this year.


Saatchi Gallery. London, UK

Entry Details:
11 - 23 March, 2015