Nar art gallery opened to the public in 2005. The gallery was conceived by Farkhad Akhmedov, businessman, politician, patron of the arts, and a man infinitely in love with art. Over the years, he has invested considerably in collecting artworks from all over the world. In Azerbaijan, Farkhad Akhmedov consistently, piece by piece, assembled his unique collection of the Azerbaijani school of painting, which includes works of various artistic movements of the twentieth century.

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    Farhad Ahmadov the founder of the collection of Azerbaijani painting, a businessman and philanthropist, the owner of a multimillion wealth is desperately in love with art. Farhad Ahmadov was born on September 15, 1955 in Baku.

    He is the first ethnic Azerbaijani who was elected a Russian senator. In his Homeland, Farhad Ahmadov is well known not only as a businessman and politician but also as a patron who is engaged in various charitable activities.

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    On April 10, 2018 the Academic Council of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts awarded Mr. Farhad Ahmadov the title of Honorary Doctor of the Academy for invaluable contribution and assistance in the development of young and talented students.

    Farhad Ahmadov is a connoisseur and collector of works of art with an international reputation. His collection consists of hundreds of works of the world, Russian and Azerbaijani art of the highest level. At the same time, Farhad Akmadov is the largest philanthropist, too. For many years, he has generously invested his resources in strengthening the spiritual and intellectual potential of Azerbaijan, popularization and promotion of the best representatives of Azerbaijani art in the leading cultural centres of the world.

    Venue: Baku

    Date: 10 April, 2018

    Time: 11:00




    Asaf Zeynalli street, Fortress. Az 1095

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